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Trigger Warnings

Below you'll find a list of possible trigger warnings for all of Anna B. Doe books. Please, beware, those could also contain possible SPOILERS for said books.


Greyford Wolves

Habits: bullying, eating disorder (anorexia)

Rules: sexual assault of a minor

Blairwood University

Kiss To Forget: breast cancer, death, suicide attempt

Kiss To Belong: pregnancy complications (eclampsia)

Kiss To Shatter and Kiss To Salvage: breast cancer, abuse of alcohol and drugs, grief, suicide attempt, abortion, rape attempt, chemotherapy (hair loss, weight loss etc.)

Kiss Me Tenderly: blind FMC, bullying, self harm, addiction, overdose, death of a close friend


Bluebonnet Creek

It Should Have Been Us: miscarriage, Alzheimer's 

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