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Libri di Anna B. Doe


Blairwood University #6; Shattered & Salvaged Duet #1

Prescott Wentworth is my brother's best friend and teammate. We hate each other. But we also can't keep our hands off each other. 

The day I met the star wide receiver, he was acting like a grumpy ass, and I was so over big, bulky men messing with my life. He was gorgeous, with wide shoulders, a chiseled jaw hidden behind a week’s worth of scruff, and the meanest glare I've seen in my life. So what if he was injured during a game? At least he's alive, not that he appreciates it.
Now it's a new school year, but some things never change.
Like the sizzling tension between Prescott and me every time we’re in the same room. But the more we fight, the more I want to shut him up. With my mouth.
Then he sees me on a date with someone else, and something in him snaps.
The deal is simple: it's just sex, and nobody can ever find out. Especially not my brother.
But then the demons from my past come back to haunt me. The darker they become, the more I need Prescott. And I’m beginning to feel like he needs me too.

Note: This book contains dark themes and is appropriate for mature readers only. Check out the full list of trigger warnings here.

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