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Libri di Anna B. Doe


Blairwood University #3

I honestly didn’t mean to run down a hot, broody hockey player on my first day on campus. It just sort of happened.


In my defense, I didn’t do it on purpose. He was the one who wasn’t looking where he was walking. Not that he sees it my way.


When he storms off, I think I’ll never see him again. But I’m wrong because he’s in the ice rink first thing the next morning. Zane West thinks he can boss me around, but he has another thing coming. I’ve worked too hard to give up now.


I might want to have a normal college life, but I’m not giving up on my dream of competing at the Winter Games either, so he’ll have to learn how to share the ice.


And finally, he does. One night we stay at the rink late, and he helps me land the jump I’ve been struggling with. And then I jump him and we almost set the ice on fire.


He thinks we’re too different to work, but I can see him for exactly who he is, and we’re like two halves of one whole. Can we defy the odds, or have we been doomed from the very beginning?

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